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jQuery jPList plugin is deprecated. Please check pure JavaScript (ES6) jPList Library alternative instead.

Button Text Filter Control Settings

Button Text Filter Control

Control Settings:

Data Attribute Description Values Example
data-path jQuery path to the items jQuery path data-path=".title"
data-text filter text value any text value data-text="architecture"
data-selected defines if a button is selected on page load true or false data-selected="true"
  • contains (default option) - finds all items that contain text value.
  • startsWith - finds all items that start with the given text value.
  • endsWith - finds all items that end with the given text value.
  • advanced - works like 'contains', but the following logical keywords could be used: and, or, not.
'contains' (default), 'startsWith', 'endsWith' or 'advanced' data-mode="startsWith"

General Settings:

Data Attribute Description Values Example
data-control-type="button-text-filter" panel control type definition 'button-text-filter' data-control-type="button-text-filter"
data-control-name="name" panel control name. It should be the same in the top and bottom panels string value data-control-name="architecture-btn"
data-control-action="filter" panel control action definition 'filter' data-control-action="filter"
data-control-storage="false" exclude control from storage (when cookies/localstorage is enabled) 'true' ot 'false' data-control-storage="false"
data-control-deep-link="false" exclude control from deep link (when deep linking is enabled) 'true' ot 'false' data-control-deep-link="false"
data-control-animation="false" exclude control from animation effects 'true' ot 'false' data-control-animation="false"
data-control-animate-to-top="false" perform "animate to top" effect for the given control; as a rule, used in bottom panel 'true' ot 'false' data-control-animate-to-top="false"