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jQuery jPList plugin is deprecated. Please check pure JavaScript (ES6) jPList Library alternative instead.

Pagination Result Control Settings

Pagination Result Control

Control Settings:

Data Attribute Description Values Example
data-type pagination results expression {current} - current page
{pages} - all pages number
{start} - first item on the page
{end} - last item on the page
{all} - all items number
data-type="{start} - {end} of {all}"
data-type="Page {current} of {pages}"

General Settings:

Data Attribute Description Values Example
data-control-type="pagination-info" panel control type definition 'pagination-info' data-control-type="pagination-info"
data-control-name="name" panel control name. It should be the same in the top and bottom panels string value data-control-name="paging"
data-control-action="paging" panel control action definition 'paging' data-control-action="paging"