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jQuery jPList plugin is deprecated. Please check pure JavaScript (ES6) jPList Library alternative instead.

CSS Minification

jPList uses Less CSS preprocessor to make CSS that is more maintainable, themeable and extendable. It should be installed via npm, the node.js package manager. Also jPList uses Clean CSS plugin for the CSS minification and Autoprefixer plugin that handles browser prefixes.

npm install -g less
npm install -g less-plugin-clean-css
npm install -g less-plugin-autoprefix

To create jplist.core.min.css from sources:

npm run csscore

To create jplist.demo-pages.min.css from sources:

npm run cssdemo

To create minified css for any control or bundle:

npm run cssaddon -- control-folder-name

For example:

npm run cssaddon -- filter-toggle-bundle