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jQuery jPList plugin is deprecated. Please check pure JavaScript (ES6) jPList Library alternative instead.

Data Sources

jPList controls can be used with any server side language and database. In this case all the pagination, filtering and sorting logic should be handled by server and database, and jPList behaves as just a UI module.

Groovy / Grails Data Source

JavaScript Settings

There are several javascript options that should be declared to define data source details:

<!-- Example of JavaScript options for PHP server side -->
		itemsBox: '.list' 
		,itemPath: '.list-item' 
		,panelPath: '.jplist-panel'
		//data source
		,dataSource: {
			type: 'server'
			,server: {
				//jQuery ajax settings
				  url: 'server.php'
				  ,dataType: 'html'
				  ,type: 'POST'
            ,serverOkCallback: function(serverData, statuses, ajax, response){
                //server callback in case of success 
            ,serverErrorCallback: function(statuses){
                //server callback in case of fail 
         //render function for json + templates like handlebars, xml + xslt etc.
         ,render: null